From superyacht beauty therapist to entrepreneur

Mobile Beauty Therapist

After spending ten years in the superyacht industry, founder of Sonora Beauty and qualified beauty therapist, Gabriela Legy has travelled the world and had the opportunity to work on high profile clients in some of the most luxurious yachts in the world. Now she operates a bespoke mobile and massage service right here in Newcastle.

My passion has always been beauty therapy and skin. I always find myself searching online for new products and new technologies that can help with anti ageing and learning the ultimate secrets to the perfect skin complexion. It was actually during my time in the Superyacht industry, where I first came across La Clinica, an Australian organic range, rich with natural ingredients and great results.

I joined a large luxury superyacht in 2009 that had an amazing beauty salon overlooking the water. It started to become my dream of working in there so I began assisting the beauty therapist who was onboard with setting up, cleaning and inventory control. The first La Clinica product I used was the Vitamin A rebalancing serum, and it felt just amazing on my skin. The exposure to the beauty industry on superyachts is something else to say the least. You have access to the best products, the best equipment and of course all in the most beautiful locations.

When I moved to Newcastle, Australia in 2016 I had my heart set on starting my own business in the beauty industry but really wanted to create an innovative service that was flexible and more convenient for some of those women who cannot, for whatever reasons, make it to a salon on a regular basis.

My drive was my and passion and experience for health and beauty when I endeavoured on the Sonora Beauty journey. Now, with a large number of returning clients here in Newcastle, I have felt the rewards of helping women improve their skin and ultimately their self confidence.

I look forward to many years of delivering high standard treatments and delivering only the best organic products available on the market to women in Newcastle and beyond. I’m always free for a chat, so get in touch today to learn more about the best practises in skin protection and the treatments that I offer.