Pamper Parties Newcastle

Pamper parties in Newcastle

There is something very special about girls coming together and spending that good quality time catching up. Sonora Beauty, a highly recognised mobile beauty and massage business in Newcastle NSW, strives to add that little extra treat that you all deserve in the form of total relaxation, health & wellness benefits and of course benefits to your skin. Pamper parties are our speciality and we love to do them with you!

Newcastle NSW, is a great town to live in I feel. We are on the beach, we have great restaurants, bars and cafes and access to some absolute gems close by. To the north we have Port Stephens, to the west we have the Hunter Valley and to the south we have Lake Macquarie. During the past 2 years, our team have travelled to all areas and met some really amazing ladies in events from weddings, bridal showers & hens parties to girls weekend aways, retreats and corporate events. One thing they all have in common is we truly set out to pamper you and we have received constant feedback that we are achieving our goal.

Pamper parties can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be glitzy, glamourous or they can be laid back with just a few friends in a beautiful wooden cabin in the Hunter Valley just looking to feel pampered for the weekend. We offer some amazing spa treatments for groups & events including massage, facials and mani/pedis and create a relaxing setting and experience that people will not forget.

Facial: Double cleanse, lightly exfoliation, gentle massage in decollate area while having a hydrating mask followed by light and soft moisturiser.

Massage: Back and shoulder massage which is great for tense shoulder, back pain, to reduce stress. Aromatherapy oils are used to target different needs

Mani / Pedi: Soak hands/feet in a warm soapy water to soften dead skin cells followed by exfoliation. Nails are cleaned, clipped, buff and Cuticle work. Lightly massage with aromatherapy oils remove oils with warm towel and final step we use base coat, main coat and top coat.

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A relaxing retreat for girls in business

Massage retreat in the Hunter valley

Bizgals, founded by Natalie Kessell, had an amazing retreat at the Cypress Lakes Resort in the Hunter Valley this past weekend. Sonora Beauty was invited to give relaxing massages and facials to all ladies in attendance. A wonderful opportunity for Sonora Beauty to continue to service the Hunter Valley region.

There is no doubt that girls in business deserve time to relax. Working in high-stress environments can often take its toll, especially for mothers. Bizgals has come up with a great retreat in the Hunter Valley where girls can relax, collect their thoughts and make some new friends.

True relaxation involves both the body and mind. Using essential oils, our massages provide targeted relaxation of your body so that your mind can rest. The retreat was the perfect place for these ladies to rest their mind and just have fun away from the hustle and bustle in Newcastle. What could be better then escaping to the Hunter Valley.

It’s always great to receive such lovely feedback from clients. We thank Natalie for her kind words!

The treatments we offered make up our mini treatments for group bookings. We can provide relaxing treatment packages for all events including hen’s parties, bridal showers, weddings, girl’s weekends away and even for a little pamper party of the young girls. There are some great benefits to massage, especially for girls in business, including reducing stress, pain and muscle tension, reduce anxiety and headaches, improving circulation, relieves inflamed skin conditions, prevents wrinkles, natural mood booster and removes impurities and toxins. All the things that we are looking for in our normal day to day life to keep us young and heathy!

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For more information on Bizgals, please visit their website here!


Weddings, Hens Parties & Bridal Showers with Sonora

Weddings and massages!

It has been a busy season for the team at Sonora Beauty this year with many hen’s parties, weddings and bridal showers booked out. Our tailored facials and massages have been a complete success this year with our eye set on the next season in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

With the wedding season starting to quiet down in the Hunter Valley, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on the season and all the lovely girls we have met during weddings, hen’s parties and bridal showers. It’s also a great time to showcase some of the touching feedback we have received during our services along the way!

Being a mobile beauty service, we give our clients a truly comfortable experience where they can all be together in their own private setting. We believe true relaxation comes with the environment you are in, so when we are asked to provide our services in a beautiful Hunter Valley retreat, we know how relaxing your experience is going to be.

We were recently invited to family weekend away in the Hunter Valley where we provided 30 minute facials and back & shoulder massages and mani & pedis for all girls. This is what Cerise Hile had to say about the weekend:

“Gabi and Julie came to our house we rented in the Hunter for a weekend and gave us the most amazing facials, massages and nails, it was one of the best beauty experiences we’ve ever had and fantastic being able to do it at the house. We were able to drink champagne and eat cheese platters and make a such a lovely girls pamper day of it! Gabi was so easy to deal with and was so simple to book it all in via email and her website! Would highly recommend! Thanks so much! We hope to see you again!!!” – Cerise Hile

Its feedback like this that drives our business and its what makes Sonora Beauty what it is today. Our passion and love for health and beauty is strong and we always look for ways to make your experience absolutely amazing.

“The girls were amazing and as was their service. Lovely and professional! They really helped me relax before my wedding! I highly recommend them. Thank you” – Karen Matera

Our amazing team has been great this season with weddings and I would like to thank Julie Hyde and Amber Hancock for their time and effort and look forward to many more beauty pampering sessions with you lovely gals. Both these girls are highly experienced and have a great in-depth knowledge of beauty and skincare.

Sonora Beauty is a great option for any pre-wedding relaxation or looking for a fun hens party with wine, cheese and a little facial and massage to top the party off or just a weekend away with your friends or family. We would love to hear from you so get in touch today to learn more about who we are and what we do!

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Mobile Beauty for Newcastle Mums

Newcastle mums

Being a mum can be a tough job but one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can have. Mothers deserve medals for their sacrifices and the love they devote to their children. It can often be hard to have a little “me” time as a mother, but Sonora Beauty could be the answer for all Newcastle mums.

Newcastle is a buzzing centre for businesses, families and events. It’s a town on the upward path of revitalisation and innovation. I often take long walks along Bar Beach and smile with pride of the great town we live in. Newcastle mother’s groups are on the rise here with greater access now to social media and communication. It only takes a quick google search or Facebook page search to discover a long list of fantastic groups of women getting together to talk about things in common and share experiences.

Lately, I have seen an increase in Newcastle mums contacting Sonora Beauty looking for mobile beauty services to their home. It’s really no surprise given that a trip to the salon with children can be very difficult. The convenience of having a therapist come to your home is appealing and that’s exactly what Sonora beauty has been created for.

We can attend to all your needs, with a diverse menu that has been specifically designed for the Newcastle woman. Looking after your skin complexion can be made easy and shouldn’t be made difficult for you with children.

We offer treatments including:

  • Massage
  • Facials
  • Body Scrubs
  • Peels
  • Waxing
  • Tinting
  • Manicures and Pedicures

Being a qualified beauty therapist, its my job to ensure your skin is looking and feeling beautiful and healthy. We have great organic products that will restore your skin and rejuvenate your complexion. Using La Clinica’s skincare line and Sonora’s treatments we will work together to create a skin program that works for your needs.

We are here to help you and make your life easier as a mum! Get in touch and discover what treatments will work for you. Attending to Newcastle mother’s groups is also a service provided by Sonora Beauty so group bookings are more than welcome. A day at home being pampered could be all you need to finish your week off!

Visit our website to learn more and make your booking today

Gabriela Legi – Founder of Sonora Beauty

From superyacht beauty therapist to entrepreneur

Mobile Beauty Therapist

After spending ten years in the superyacht industry, founder of Sonora Beauty and qualified beauty therapist, Gabriela Legy has travelled the world and had the opportunity to work on high profile clients in some of the most luxurious yachts in the world. Now she operates a bespoke mobile and massage service right here in Newcastle.

My passion has always been beauty therapy and skin. I always find myself searching online for new products and new technologies that can help with anti ageing and learning the ultimate secrets to the perfect skin complexion. It was actually during my time in the Superyacht industry, where I first came across La Clinica, an Australian organic range, rich with natural ingredients and great results.

I joined a large luxury superyacht in 2009 that had an amazing beauty salon overlooking the water. It started to become my dream of working in there so I began assisting the beauty therapist who was onboard with setting up, cleaning and inventory control. The first La Clinica product I used was the Vitamin A rebalancing serum, and it felt just amazing on my skin. The exposure to the beauty industry on superyachts is something else to say the least. You have access to the best products, the best equipment and of course all in the most beautiful locations.

When I moved to Newcastle, Australia in 2016 I had my heart set on starting my own business in the beauty industry but really wanted to create an innovative service that was flexible and more convenient for some of those women who cannot, for whatever reasons, make it to a salon on a regular basis.

My drive was my and passion and experience for health and beauty when I endeavoured on the Sonora Beauty journey. Now, with a large number of returning clients here in Newcastle, I have felt the rewards of helping women improve their skin and ultimately their self confidence.

I look forward to many years of delivering high standard treatments and delivering only the best organic products available on the market to women in Newcastle and beyond. I’m always free for a chat, so get in touch today to learn more about the best practises in skin protection and the treatments that I offer.

Sonora Beauty, not your typical day spa in the Hunter Valley

Day Spa in the Hunter Valley

After being a professional beauty therapist onboard luxury superyachts all over the world, Gabriela Legi knows what it takes to provide a complete day spa relaxation of your mind and body with the highest standard. And there is no place like the Hunter Valley when it comes to people looking to escape into a relaxed, yet luxurious setting.

The Hunter Valley is a picturesque gem about 45 minutes from Newcastle, NSW. When people think of the Hunter Valley they think of wine, weddings, beautiful green hills, a boutique cheese board and perhaps a bushland cottage tucked away for the perfect escape. Although there are events that can turn into a real hustle and bustle, there is always plenty of time and plenty of places to relax in the Hunter Valley.

My first trip to the Hunter Valley was in September 2016, where we attended a wedding at Circa 1876 and stayed in the Convent, a classy establishment to say the least. I absolutely fell in love with the place, and decided right then and there that I would extend my mobile beauty and massage services to the region says Gabriela, founder of Sonora Beauty.

A mobile day spa is by no means a new thing, or a new idea. However, Sonora brings an element of luxury and professionalism that has been highly developed from years working onboard luxury superyachts. With a vast knowledge of different facial and massage techniques, Gabriela provides a full menu of services in the comfort of your own home, cottage or guesthouse.

“Our Sonora radiance facial and massage package has become my most popular treatment around wedding times. Its perfect for brides as it restores radiance, softness and hydration to your complexion. An enriched mask with soothing natural ingredients nourishes and tones your skin, giving it a bright look and feel for your wedding daysays Gabriela.

But if you are in the Hunter Valley and just looking to put your feet up, relax and drink a few wines or indulge in a cheeseboard, then Sonora Beauty is a great way to add to the already great weekend away.

Feel free to get in touch with Gabriela today and enjoy a professional mobile service that caters for all women.


La Clinica’s organic baby range – a mum tells all

Organic baby range for this cute baby!

With the arrival of a new-born baby in your life, La Clinica’s organic baby range products are the perfect solution for the daily care of your baby’s skin. We caught up with a Newcastle mum to tell us why she uses nothing else but this gentle and safe product for her baby.

La Clinica’s baby products are formulated to ensure the utmost gentleness, nurturing, safety and comfort for your baby’s total skincare needs. With no artificial ingredients, no artificial fragrances and no testing on animals, it’s a safe alternative to some of the many products on the market that contain sulphates and chemicals known as skin irritants, which remain on the skin even after using.

All products are manufactured in La Clinica’s Certified organic facility in Melbourne using only spring water that is rich in silica. Only carefully selected, certified organic and naturally derived ingredients are used in their products and are particularly safe for babies and their sensitive and soft skin.

“I use nothing else on my baby boy but La Clinica’s organic baby range. I absolutely love the products, especially the wash gel. Everything smells amazing and it leaves my baby’s skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I purchased a full kit through Gabriela and its great value for money” – Fernanda Smith, Newcastle Mum

The La Clinica baby range includes:

  • Soap free wash gel
  • Zinc barrier balm
  • Moisturiser SPF 15+
  • Soothing Lotion
  • Nappy lotion
  • Calming massage oil
  • Gentle shampoo
  • Stretch mark belly rub

The La Clinica baby range has the safest products on the market.

  • No artificial fragrance
  • No Parabens
  • No SLS or SLES
  • No EDTA
  • No mineral oils or White Oils
  • No nasty sulphates – we use only natural occurring foaming ingredients

At Sonora Beauty, we only use La Clinica for our baby range and have kits that contain the full range, individual items or build your own kit, its totally up to you! For more information about La Clinica’s baby range and prices, please contact Gabriela today.

Hunter Valley mobile Beauty and Massage

Bride in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is a breathtaking part of Australia with stunning views across valleys, intimate and rustic wineries and barrel barns, unlimited wine testing opportunities and also the perfect location for a destination wedding. Sonora Beauty services the Hunter Valley with a bespoke mobile beauty and massage service right to your accommodation quarters.

Weddings can often be a stressful time for brides and their family. The Hunter Valley though, has done an incredible job at creating some of the most relaxing and beautiful settings, which in itself has the ability to greatly calm the nerves.

Sonora Beauty founder and lead beauty therapist, Gabriela Legy, has been heading out to the Hunter Valley for quite some time now performing facials and massages for brides, bridesmaids and family, creating a deep relaxation and brightening of the skin ready in time for the big day.

“Sonora’s services have become very popular in the Hunter Valley. We recently received a call from a mother of the bride in desperate need to calm her daughter leading up to her wedding day. We spent half a day giving our facial and massage packages and they were incredibly relaxed and de-stressed” says Gabriela.

The perfect treatments prior to your wedding day include a combination of deep relaxation massage and hydrating facials.

Swedish relaxation massage full body                                                

Through an application of targeted therapeutic techniques your body will experience a profound feeling of calm along with relieving muscle tension and stress.

Sonora Aromatherapy massage full body                                                                                  

A relaxing full body massage using pure essential oils to target individual needs.

Marine Radiance Facial

Purpose? To restore radiance, softness and hydration to the complexion. Oxygenating, nourishing, strengthening and toning. Incorporates the Marine Radiance Serum and Marine Radiance Mask, enriched with Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Lotus Flower Liposomes, Marine Extracts, Elastin and Collagen.

What skin type? For all skin types, especially unbalanced conditions, including a dull, lifeless complexion in need of a tonic. This stimulating, rehydrating treatment is ideal as a facial series for the bride-to-be.

Healing & Relaxing Cocoon Wrap

A deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment to unwind the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul. The cocoon wrap with Coconut and Honey is earth’s equivalent of a warm embrace from the heavens. This spa treatment is a must for frayed nerves and stressed minds.

Sonora Beauty will bring the day spa to you so you don’t need to leave your beautiful homestead or guesthouse in the Hunter Valley. Simply get in touch with Gabriela today, and discover the perfect package for yourself or the entire family!

Please visit our booking page to view our full menu


Mobile spray tanning with Sonora Beauty

Mobile spray tanning with Naked Tan

Get your golden glow on with naked Tans vegan friendly spray in just 20 minutes, offering a choice of bronzing colours and a promise of a flawless application. Naked Tan is only made using natural and organic ingredients to really protect your skin. We bring the tanning salon to you using our convenient mobile spray tanning tent and gun.

 In Newcastle, Sonora Beauty offers an exceptionally high quality spray tan in the comfort of your own home. We bring the spray tent right to your house and can accommodate large groups who are looking for a flawless tan ready for summer.

Naked Tan, an Australian vegan-friendly sunless tanning company, provides innovative products that give long lasting tans in the shortest amount of time. Naked Tan is our product of choice, and comes in a variety of bronzing colours including Natural, Tanned, Exotic, Chocolate and Organic.

“Natural sunless tans for your busy lifestyle using Naked Tan professional and vegan range. The fast and convenient answer to skin protection this summer”

The Certified Organic Tan by naked Tan is Australia’s first organic tanning solution to be certified under COSMOS Standard by ACO (Australian Certified Organic), an internationally approved standard for organic cosmetics.

Using only organic ingredients, this solution provides Sonora Beauty with the safest option for giving Newcastle girls and women a truly natural tan. For more information regarding Naked Tan, please visit:

With summer fast approaching many people will be exposing their skin to the hidden dangers of the sun, well beyond just skin burn. Spray tans are the perfect answer to bronzed skin and better protected instead of spending hours’ sun baking in the sun, risking sun burn or worse.

For more information on the spray tans available by Sonora Beauty please visit our Booking page and book today! We can offer mobile spray tanning in Newcastle and its surrounding areas including Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley. A spray tan could be the perfect preparation for the bride to be on your wedding day.

Knowing your skin type is the first step to a healthy complexion

Hmm what skin type do I have?

Good skin can make you look healthy. Achieving a clear complexion is a goal for everybody. The appearance, texture and look of the skin are important factors for most people at any age. Understanding your skin type and any previous or current skin problems is the first step in ensuring you use the correct products. So, do you know your skin type?

Teenagers can often have blemishes, spots, acne and excessively greasy skin once they reach puberty, conditions that can have a profound impact on their social wellbeing and confidence. As we get older, our skin starts to loose moisture holding capacity and we begin to develop lines, wrinkles and sagginess. Its something we are all worried about, but that’s life!

There isn’t a whole lot we can do to prevent ageing skin, however there are many things we can do to prolong the healthiness of our skin and it starts with understanding your skin type, knowing how to look after your skin and finally knowing what products are best suited for you. This will change overtime.

Skin type can be broadly put into these categories:

Combination / Anti-Pollution

Skin usually has an oily t-zone but other areas of the face may be dehydrated. Skin presents with congestion and blemishes along the jaw line, under cheek-bones and on the chin areas. Skin may break our occasionally although feels “bumpy”. Skin looks dull, sallow, lifeless and unbalanced. Combination skin type can be accompanied by an overall feeling of sluggishness, exhaustion and “burn-out”.

Oily / Acne

Skin suffers from acne, large blackheads and excessive oiliness. Skin breaks out with pimples and blemishes on a regular basis. Oily / acne skin type can apply to all ages but is most common during adolescence.


Skin is prone to redness, irritation, flakiness, inflammation and itchiness. Sensitive skin conditions include rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. This sensitivity may be caused by an environmental factor or may be a genetic predisposition and can occur at any age.

Mature / Dry / Thin

Skin is showing signs of ageing, loss of skin tone, premature wrinkles, dryness and dehydration. Skin my feel tight and lack translucence. Skin renewal and moisture levels start to drop at this stage of life.

Pigmented / sun-damaged / scarred / enlarged pores

Skin may have pigmentation, uneven skin colouring, fine lines milia, blackheads, enlarged pores, acne pitting and scarring. The skin type may be the result of environmental damage (e.g. sun exposure), chemical damage, (e.g. medication resulting in photo-sensitivity), acne, stress, illness and neglect.


There are many factors and stresses that can impact the healthiness of your skin. One of the more common impacts can be your occupation. Some work environments can cause dehydration of the skin e.g. central heating, air-conditioning or outdoor work. Also the atmosphere could be dusty and dirty causing skin blockages.

Lifestyle is very important to your skin.  If you are too busy to look after your skin, perhaps due to a busy work schedule or if you are receiving a serious lack of sleep, this can seriously impact the external appearance of your skin. A balanced lifestyle is essential to maintaining healthy skin.


Skin care routine is where beauty therapists can play a positive role in ensuring you are using the correct products for your skin type. Using the incorrect products can create long term damage that you may not even know has began.

One of the reasons why we use La Clinica at Sonora Beauty, is the quality and diversity of the high performance products available for all ages and all skin types. We analyse your skin type, and also your health, lifestyle and previous skin problems to ensure we recommend the best product range and treatments for your skin type.

Get in touch today and have your skin type determined free of charge by qualified beauty therapist, Gabriela anywhere in the Newcastle area.